Matchbox-sized apartments are one of the consequences of urban living, which has separated us from Mother Nature. These compact spaces don’t give us the liberty of having luxurious gardens of our own but we sure can have a hint of greenery with small houseplants. If issues like lack of space or a busy lifestyle keep you from having plants, try adopting these four small houseplants which do not need much care or space, and bloom for a long time with little water and sunlight.

1. Jade Plant: It is among the most famous houseplants worldwide, partly because of its easy maintenance and because of its significance from Feng Shui perspective. From a brown woody look, it grows into glossy smooth jade colored leaves and small pink or white flowers. Chinese philosophy relates its vibrant energy as a source of new growth and financial prosperity. It is often referred to as the ‘money plant.’ Place it in an area that receives a good amount of sunlight, preferably by the window, and don’t water it more than once or twice a week.

2. Haworthia: If you’re a frequent traveler, the tough haworthia is the right pick for you. With its dark green leaves striped in white, this plant has an appearance very similar to aloe. Small and compact, it can brighten up any space. It doesn’t need much sunlight, but don’t keep it in shaded areas either; a room with some amount of light is just fine.  Water it once in a week.

3. Philodendron: Decide on a space and make it a living plant wall. Philodendron can be directed to grow upwards. It grows into pure and lush dark green leaves, needing only a little water (once a week) and sunlight. Keep it a few feet away from the window so that it receives enough light. This plant brings color and warmth, and filters pollutants like formaldehyde form the air inside.

4. Pleomele: The bright, sunny pleomele is an instant mood-lifter. Popularly known as the “song of India,” this plant has delicate narrow leaves, spirally arranged, green in the center with yellow edges. It likes moderate light, so place it near a window which doesn’t receive direct sunlight. Don’t over-water it; watering it once a week will keep the soil humid enough.

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