Is there anything quite as romantic as setting up a sensual spa for your beloved? Doing it in the comfort of your home may seem time-consuming and tedious but it is, in fact, very quick and easy. Go beyond the...
Whether you're in school, have a full-time job, children, or take care of everyone else on a daily basis, it can be quite hard to get much-needed time to yourself, let alone, having the time to honor your self-care regimen by...
If you need an excuse to celebrate yourself and enjoy some ‘me’ time, we give you five. These at-home spa treatments are great for relaxation, of course, but their natural ingredients also help improve your blood circulation, boost your...
Flowers are nature’s little beauty elixir. Use in the right blend of salts and oils, they also make for the most wonderful, natural spa therapies. Chamomile, hibiscus, rose, lotus, orchid, lavender and jasmine are some of the flowers recognized for...
The benefits of aromatic essential oils have been known for centuries. Physicians and healers on all continents have used aromatic herbs and oils since the beginning of recorded history.
Catch this series to understand how to use everyday ingredients for a spa-like experience at home.
Learn how to use fragrant essential oils to create a spa-like experience at home.
Learn how to use everyday ingredients such as sugar and jojoba oil to create a spa-like experience at home.
All these ingredients together make a mush that will leave your skin feeling soft and your mind feeling refreshed.
Explore the benefits of a eucalyptus oil bath for pain relief and a deep, relaxing sleep.