6 Rejuvenating Treatments For A Home Spa Experience

The New Year has kicked in, and you’re probably back to your busy schedule. But every once in a while, when you get a day off, take time to indulge in a DIY beauty or wellness treatment.

It’s easy, economical, and great to put together in the convenience of your home. Here’s your one-stop guide for a personalized spa experience.

2Rosemary-Basil Aromatherapy Bath

Rosemary-Basil Aromatherapy Bath: Before you sign off for the day, try this aromatherapy bath or detox bath to unwind. It’s sure to induce a good night’s sleep.

3DIY Carrot Spa Mask

A good facial mask can help transfer carrot’s substantial nutrients, like vitamin A and B, to the layers of your skin. For a refreshing, all-natural treatment, make it today..

4DIY Revitalizing Coffee Scrub

This revitalizing scrub with olive oil, cloves, nutmeg, sugar, and vanilla will refresh and exfoliate your skin.

5Spa Treatment For Your Feet

When tuckered out from walking, get a foot spa in the comfort of your home. Follow these simple steps.

6DIY Seaweed Wrap

It makes for an excellent treatment to tighten your skin and reduce cellulite. Here’s a handy guide to making and using the wrap at home.

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