The sea kelp body mask is a luxurious spa treatment popular for its detoxifying benefits. It helps remove the toxins and renews your skin to give it a healthy glow.

You can either opt for this treatment at the local spa or make this mask at home by gathering a few simple components. Look for these ingredients at natural food stores and Asian markets.


¼ cup powdered sea kelp

½ powdered clay

½ cup aloe vera gel

¼ cup seawater (or mix distilled water with sea salt)


Mix together all the ingredients till it forms a smooth paste.

Spread this paste over your face and body. You can use a medium paintbrush to evenly spread the paste.

Allow it to stay for 15 to 20 minutes and then shower with tepid water to remove the mask.

Gently pat your skin dry and follow-up with a rich moisturizing lotion like cocoa butter as this mask can cause your skin to dry out a tad bit.

Also, keep yourself well hydrated after this treatment so that you skin stays supple and naturally moisturized. You can also treat yourself to some warm herbal water or lemon-pineapple cooler to consume more water.

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