Deep-tissue massage: It’s a standard on treatment menus, but there’s nothing frilly about this massage, which is designed to relieve serious muscle tension.

Head massage, like a full-body massage, soothes your mind, centers your focus and improves circulation – and, as importantly, feels wonderful (which helps to lift your mood). We recommend using coconut oil for a self-administered head massage. The scent of coconut oil is inherently soothing. And the oil has essential vitamins that are great for the scalp and hair. Start by massaging warm oil into your scalp with your thumbs and fingers, working from the sides up. Slowly move your hands towards the top of your head. After a full minute or two, place three fingers on your temples on each side of the head and make slow circular movements. Wash oil out of hair immediately after massage. The pleasant scent will linger, and so will your sense of restored calm.

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