Tips to Motivate Kids to Read More

In the words of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, “There are many little ways to enlarge your child’s world. Love of books is the best of all.” Reading is probably one of the most parent-approved hobbies especially when it comes to today’s tech-dependent generation. So if you have kids who are not too keen on taking up a new hobby, maybe you could try and motivate them to at least give reading a try.

Benefits of Reading

Reading has numerous benefits, of which these may be the most important:

6 Tips to Motivate Kids to Read More

Some children may be naturally drawn to books, while others may prefer playing or watching the television. Some may even avoid reading because of certain difficulties like dyslexia. Once you understand your child’s capabilities and address any issues, you could try to instill an interest in reading with the following tips.

  • Set an example:

Children tend to observe and absorb, so when they see one or both of their parents reading, they may have the urge to try it too.

  • Start them young:

Young brains are easier to mold, so make it a point to read aloud to your child from an early age. Find short, interesting stories with colorful illustrations to keep your child’s attention. This will help him or her to eventually develop a liking for books.

  • Allot a reading time:

Even though you and your child may have busy schedules, make sure you have a slot for reading. It does not matter where you manage to fit it in, or whether you read together or separately, just make sure reading becomes a routine.

  • Make it cozy:

Reading can be relaxing and if you design a cozy nook just for reading, your kid(s) will not want to stop reading at all.

Tips to Motivate Kids to Read More

  • Find the right books:

When choosing books for younger children, make sure you pick ones that are at their level of understanding. Also, look for books about their favorite activities; that way they’ll be more interested in it. Older children can, of course, pick their own books depending on their tastes. You could take advantage of the summer reading programs introduced by many libraries to encourage children and adults to read more.

  • Log and reward:

Set a goal and keep a log of the titles completed within a given time. Give your child points or stickers for every book completed and a bigger reward for every goal achieved. This incentive can motivate children to read more, even if it is for the reward that awaits them at the end of the goal.

The world may have moved on from actual books to digital readers, or not if you still love the feeling of holding a book, but reading may just be around for as long as there are authors writing books and people who love to read.


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