Whether you’re in transit, or dealing with a delayed flight, long hours of waiting at the airport can be quite a bummer. Add to that, the security checks and long queues are all part of your day. Especially at this time of the year, when travel schedules are chaotic, the stress levels are likely to double up. Instead of allowing the situation to take hold of you, go ahead and have some fun while you await your flight.

1. Work It
Even light exercise lulls the stress-inducing hormone cortisol, and improves your mood. Plus, you could use a little stretching before you cramp yourself in the airplane seat. Many airports today have designated fitness facilities. If you’re at the Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Indianapolis or Cleveland Airport, take a stroll down their walking paths. If you’re at the San Francisco International, Dallas/Fort Worth International, or the Burlington International Airport, visit their yoga rooms to practice a few stress-busting poses. The Fairmont Vancouver Airport and the Grand Hyatt hotel at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport have gyms which you could use. If you don’t find these facilities, find a quiet spot and meditate for a bit.

2. De-Stress With Animal Therapy
A furry little pet can lighten your mood instantly. With that in mind, Los Angeles International, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International, Miami International, San Jose International and San Francisco International Airport have introduced animal therapy. Here, a bunch of volunteers roam the terminals with friendly dogs that cheer up the passengers.

3. Rejuvenate At An Airport Spa
A delayed flight may not be such a bad thing if you could spend time at the spa, right? Several airports have facilities that offer services like haircut, mani-pedi, head massage and foot massage. It’s almost as easy as getting coffee. You could find outlets of popular spas such as XpresSpa and Be-Relax at a couple of airports.

4. Get Comfy In A Rocking Chair
If you’d rather just relax and take a nap instead of pacing around, find a comfortable seat. Boston Logan, Charlotte Douglas, Philadelphia, and Seattle-Tacoma are some of the many airports that offer rocking chairs.

Don’t let the stress and the commotion at the airport dampen your holiday spirit, even before you take off. The next time you’re waiting for a flight, be sure to catch these stress-busters.

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