Importance Of Buying Travel Insurance Before Your Next Vacay

You have your outfits, your travel itinerary and your toiletries all packed and ready to take with you on your exotic vacay, but there is one thing you might not have thought about while planning your getaway — travel insurance.

For most people, buying travel insurance isn’t an idea that crosses their mind and is usually a “Should we? Shouldn’t we?” debacle.

What Does Travel Insurance Cover?

Travel insurance extends beyond just helping you recover your expenses. Your travel insurance policy can include:

  • Emergency medical coverage
  • Unexpected and last-minute cancelation
  • Coverage for death and disability
  • Coverage for personal liability
  • Coverage for baggage and flight issues
  • Natural disasters and terrorism

Why You Need to Invest in Travel Insurance

While travel insurance is optional, it might be a good idea to start including this insurance in your holiday plans as it will come in handy when you least expect it.

1. Provides protection from medical costs

When you go on vacation you are likely to book excursions that involve adventurous activities in the water or land. While you might not think anything could happen to you, there is a possibility of getting injured and you want to make sure you are covered.

Being stuck without insurance can leave you with a giant hole in your wallet since you will be liable for the whole cost. Travel insurance can then step in and help cover many costs that you may incur if you need medical care.

2. Your losses and expenses can be reimbursed

Don’t become victim to thieves or bad management from hotels and lose money or other valuables over something that isn’t your fault.

Taking the right kind of insurance can help you get reimbursed for any losses or expenses that occur due to flight or baggage issues and even theft.

3. Helps when you need to cancel your trip

You might not think you will cancel your upcoming trip to Ibiza in three months, but let’s face it, unexpected situations occur and we can never predict what can and cannot happen in the next three months.

If you’ve saved up for this trip and put aside a lot of money for it, don’t chance losing it and buy insurance to protect you in case you need to cancel your trip for any reason.

4. When your destination is hit by a natural disaster

If your destination is prone to hurricanes or other natural disasters, it’s definitely a good idea to buy travel insurance. Travel insurance can protect you from weather conditions and weather damage.

Not only will the insurance help you cover costs, but there will be assistance to help you arrange a new vacation and hotel stay if you want to continue your trip.

5. Flights and baggage issues occur

The amount of baggage and flight issues that occur is pretty high and you don’t want to be stuck without luggage on your vacation.

When you have coverage for your bags, your insurance will reimburse you for your essential items and even emergency clothes and shoes.

Other Benefits of Buying Travel Insurance

Whether you think travel insurance is worth it or not, take a look at the following reasons why travel insurance might give you more bang for your buck.

  • Supplements your credit card insurance
  • Non-refundable travel expenses exceed credit card benefits

Here’s when you could skip out on adding travel insurance to your trip:

  • Your trip’s total costs and expenses are low
  • When you already have trip protection and benefits
  • If you’ve waited too long and it’s too late (Make sure to buy travel insurance within at least 15 days of your trip purchase.)

Travel insurance has been a lifesaver for many individuals who have either injured themselves on their trip or have had unforeseen circumstances occur that required them to cancel their trip.

You can save a lot of stress and unnecessary expenses by spending a few extra dollars to buy a travel insurance plan that suits your needs.

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