Tips to Consider for Worry Free Travel with Psoriasis

Taking the time for a holiday and going on vacation is extremely beneficial for your mental health and well-being. While packing a bag for a getaway sounds like a dream, conditions such as psoriasis might come in the way of making your plans.

Don’t let your psoriasis hold you back. With a little added care and careful packing, you can kick your stress to the curb and allow yourself to enjoy a relaxing vacay in the sun, snow or anywhere else you plan to go.

Safety Tips for Traveling With Psoriasis

Bring your adventurous side out and allow yourself to take a breather for your mental health. The following tips will help you have a stress-free vacay and keep your psoriasis under control.

1. Check in with your doctor

If you have plans to travel to another country, schedule a visit with your doctor about four to six weeks prior to your trip. Your doctor can help you with any vaccines that will suit you and assist your immune system in the process.

2. Plan ahead

Make sure to get all the information on what the weather is going to be like, what the pollution situation is and all the details on the excursions you are going to take. It is important to pack according to the climate and activities in order to keep yourself and your skin protected in the right way.

3. Maintain your routine

Your skin care routine doesn’t stop when you leave your home country. Make sure you have a separate bag or compartment for your psoriasis items that will allow you to follow your routine as usual.

4. Take precaution with your medicine

Some medicines need to be kept cool, and companies provide an insulated bag for your medicines. Make sure that you keep your meds in the hotel fridge or on the ice after you settle in and away from the heat. Keep a doctor’s note with you in case you are questioned about your medicines at customs.

5. Carry extra clothes

You want to avoid sweaty and moist clothes at all times. Prevent the negative effects of moisture and allow your skin to breathe as much as possible. So what if you have to do a couple of outfit changes?

6. Light fabrics are best

Carry outfits that are light and comfortable for your trip. You want to avoid fabrics that cause itchiness or discomfort, especially when you are in the midst of enjoying a cultural excursion. If you’re not comfortable wearing a solid color, give sparkles and sequins a go to avoid feeling conscious of any falling flakes.

7. Swim attire

If you’re not trying to expose too much skin on your vacay, opt for the one-piece suit. One-piece suits are trending and come in all sorts of colors and cuts. Not only will you protect your skin from the sun, but you will also save yourself from unnecessary stress.

8. Have fun!

While you are being precautious of your health, this trip is planned for you to have fun, therefore, enjoy every moment of it. Taking extra precaution will only help you manage your skin and allow for a pain-free getaway.

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