Ever stared in awe at one of those friends who is never too shy to speak up or walk through any situation with their head held high? It’s true that in most cases, these people are naturally endowed with confidence, but what’s worth noting is that all of them have a few common habits that make them stand out. By following them, you too can boost your confidence levels.

We’ve listed down a couple of traits that make people cool and confident, something you could follow too.

1. Never Compare Yourself To Others: You aren’t perfect but neither is everyone else. Everybody possesses a set of talents and qualities that set them apart. Find your best feature and cheer for it. No five fingers are the same, so why compare?

2. Don’t Worry About People’s Opinions: People are going to talk, gossip and criticize no matter what you do. By taking everything they say seriously, you give them the power to control your feelings. Take constructive criticism, but know how to ignore negativity. You will feel much light when you shake off that feeling of constantly caring about what everyone thinks about you.

3. Focus On Your Dreams: Part of being confidant is that you know what you want and you yearn for it so bad that nothing else will set you adrift. A positive vision of the future will not only keep you focused but will also provide you will something to look forward to, and not get distracted by other petty worri.

4.Don’t Fear Failure: You have to understand that failure is an inevitable part of life. It teaches you more than success would ever do. It makes you strong and more willing to take risks. Fearing it will keep you from doing anything at all. So go ahead and “take a chance, make a change, and breakaway”, as Kelly Clarkson once sang.

5. Rely On Yourself: The most important thing that sets confidant people apart is that they truly believe in their instincts. The confidence to take a chance, believe in dreams and not worry about the rest of the world only comes when you can trust and rely on yourself.

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