*5 Surprising Chronic Pain Triggers You Didn’t Know Till Today

    chronic pain triggers

    Did you know that chronic pain affects about 100 million adults in the US, which is actually more than the number suffering from diabetes, heart disease and cancer all put together? A debilitating and poorly understood condition, chronic pain remains a rather notoriously difficult ailment to manage and control.

    While some cases of chronic pain can be traced to a specific trauma or injury sustained in the past which have been long healed, there are many cases where there appears no apparent cause for the pain. Chronic pain of the lower back, muscle pain, headache and neuropathic pain can significantly impede with the quality of life and productivity.

    However, if the medical and economic costs incurred by the healthcare system are factored in as opposed to the damage this pain can do to an individual’s life, the balance weighs heavy on the latter side. Chronic pain sufferers often feel helpless since they are clueless about the cause in most cases, let alone being able to treat it effectively.

    So, if you’ve had no falls or accidents in the past and still suffer from an unexplained pain it may be a result of an underlying condition. Often physical pain could originate from a lifestyle factor, an emotional trauma or even certain dietary habits. We tell you about five such surprising triggers that may be the perpetrators behind your unexplained aches.

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