*6 Foods That Will Help You Kick The Binge Eating Habit

    Happy, sad, angry or nervous—no matter what mood you’re in, pigging out on food is not an excuse. You might find respite in a big bag of chips or a tub of ice cream; however, overdoing anything only causes more harm than good.

    Binge eating, or eating excessively, doesn’t sound like a serious medical concern, but is in fact an eating disorder. It is often triggered by emotions such as anxiety and depression, (and not merely a liking towards certain foods).

    Whether you’re at risk or not can be determined by your doctor, depending on your diet requirements and eating patterns. But if you find yourself eating obsessively, here’s a simple solution—fill up on nutritious foods that are full of energy, so you feel satiated and refrain from overeating. We share six such items that must feature on your daily plate, so you don’t reach for that extra helping.

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