*Top 5 Juicers We Love

    Our Z Living community loves to be healthy! And one of the best ways to jump start your health is to begin, slowly but surely, incorporating some juicing into your diet.

    If you’re still a newbie to the juice world, the most popular types of juicers in the market are centrifugal and masticating. Centrifugal move in a force which produce juice by using a cutting blade to first chop up the produce and then spin the produce at a very high speed. They are the most popular and inexpensive. Masticating, or cold press juicers, move in a slow, grinding force and have a single gear or auger with blades that chew up and crunches the fruit or veggies into pulp, releasing juice in the process. This crunching process is a highly effective way of breaking down the hard, fibrous cell walls of fresh produce and produces a high juice yield with very little and very dry pulp.

    Some people who don’t want to separate their love for juicing and blending opt for a high-quality blender.

    Our own wellness influencers have personal recommendations for those who want to begin drinking green. From budget-friendly to once-in-a-lifetime splurges, these pumping machines will help you begin a delicious and healthy journey!